Master of Engineering

The table below shows a detailed timeline of items that you need to complete in order to obtain a degree and prepare for arrival on campus. Click on the buttons for more information.

You can check the Current Students area of MyMichiganTech for a detailed checklist of items that are required for you at this time, and see a list of items that are complete or pending for each degree you are pursuing. See the Graduate School's online tutorial for help with MyMichiganTech.

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TDR-Review is provided as a sample for your information and does not allow data entry, since the Graduate School completes and returns this form for you.

When What Click for details Click for an explanation
Before you arrive on campus Arrange for housing (not applicable for online students) Details Why?
  Consult with graduate program director and/or advisor for proper course selection Details Why?
  Submit your arrival information on MyMichiganTech to notify International Programs and Services (IPS) of your travel plans (International students only) Details Why?
  Upload your photo for your HuskyCard (optional) Details Why?
When you arrive on campus Obtain a HuskyCard Details Why?
  Report to International Programs and Services (international students only) Details Why?
  Complete Basic Responsible Conduct of Research Training Details Why?
  Submit official proof of previous degrees earned Details Why?
  Submit Patent, research, and proprietary rights agreement form on MyMichiganTech Details Why?
Every year Provide proof of health insurance or pay for University policy (on campus students only) Details Why?
  Obtain a parking permit for any vehicle you desire to park on MTU property Details Why?
Every fall and spring semester until your degree is complete Register for courses Details Why?
Pay your bill Details Why?
Confirm your enrollment Details Why?
Every summer session you are a supported student, plan to complete your degree, or defend   Register for courses Details Why?
Pay your bill Details Why?
Confirm your enrollment Details Why?
First semester Complete Campus Clarity training Details Why?
Second semester Select advisor by submitting the Advisor and committee recommendation form (not required for MBA students) Details Why?
Second or third academic semester Complete Advanced Responsible Conduct of Research Training Details Why?
Semester before planned degree completion Submit Degree schedule to Graduate School Details Why?
When you leave campus or complete a degree Submit the Graduate student workspace cleanout form on MyMichiganTech Details Why?
Semester of planned degree completion    Submit Commencement application form if you wish to participate in commencement (fall/spring semester only) Details Why?
Submit Degree completion form to Graduate School Details Why?
Pick up diploma folder Details Why?
Pick up Graduate School pin Details Why?
Four weeks before your defense Plan for your defense (if you select the practicum option; consult your graduate program director and advisor) Details Why?
Finals week of planned degree completion Submit Verification of final degree requirements form Details Why?
  Complete Exit Survey Details Why?
Within two weeks after the end of the semester Watch your e-mail or MyMichiganTech for notification that your degree is awarded Details Why?
Two months after the end of the semester Watch your e-mail for notification that your diploma is ready Details Why?