Required Procedures for Submitting Your Report

Graduate students will follow the procedures found in the  Guide to submit a report to the Graduate School. An outline with links is below. Students may also find the most recent "Submitting your Dissertation, Thesis, or Report" seminar helpful.

Do not e-mail your report to the Graduate School.  Documents received via e-mail will not be reviewed or accepted.

Before Oral Defense

At least two weeks before the oral defense, submit to the Graduate School:

  1. A PDF draft of the report via Canvas to the "Graduate Candidates" course. (New requirement for all reports)
  2. The Pre-defense form.

The Graduate School reviews all documents in the order they are received and completes a review for the student using the form TDR-Review. You will be notified when the review is complete via e-mail. Students may revise their submission any time prior to their review. Note that only one draft of a document will be reviewed.

After Oral Defense 

Immediately after the defense, submit the Report on final oral examination form.

Correct the report using comments from the oral defense and the review from the Graduate School. 

Students can save time by carefully checking their PDF file prior to submission.  See our "Introduction to Adobe Acrobat" seminar for a walk through.

Once all corrections from your advisor, committee, and Graduate School are complete, submit the following three items at the same time:

  1. Approval of a dissertation, thesis, or report (hard copy due in Graduate School no more than one week before items 2-3 below)
  2. Degree completion form (via Canvas)
    • Fill in the form, save the form, and upload to Canvas. Do not print or sign the form until directed to do so by the Graduate School.
  3. Revised PDF of report (via Canvas)

Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. Allow two weeks for document processing. Documents are reviewed in the order they are completely received, and you will be notified via e-mail when the review is completed. If the document is not acceptable for publication, comments will be returned via Canvas and the document must be resubmitted.

After the document has been reviewed and accepted for publication:

  1. Bring to the Graduate School:
    • The Degree completion form signed by the Graduate School (for binding orders only) and the advisor or graduate program director (see note below if you are off campus) 
    • A signed signature page (not allowed or required for defenses scheduled after November 1, 2012)
  2. The Graduate School will create an online invoice for the student if any fees are due from the student.
  3. When the invoice has been processed, pay the publication fees on Banweb.
    • Log in using your Michigan Tech ISO ID and password
    • Select the "Payments/Confirm Enrollment" tab and then "Graduate School Fees" to initiate the payment process.
  4. If you are off campus: Select "not in the Houghton area, and will be unable to come to the Graduate School in person" on the Degree completion form. This option will only appear if you are ordering bound copies of the report. The Graduate School will obtain program approval for your bindery order, and will let you know when your fees may be paid on Banweb.