Required Procedures for Formatting Reports

Formatting Requirements

See Section 3 of the guide for formatting requirements. To assist with the requirements, the following resources are available:

New reports available in the Library are listed at the bottom of this page; they may serve as examples for students.  Keep in mind that formatting changes over time, and some volumes may have been embargoed for a year or longer before being available in the Library.

Requirements for professionally bound reports

Students completing a Master's report are not required to have it professionally bound. If professional binding is desired, there are additional formatting requirements. See the review checklist or Section 3 in the Guide for further information.

Preparing Assistance

In addition to the requirements above, there are some suggested formatting guidelines and tools to help as students prepare their documents. See the links below for formatting suggestions and aids.

  • EndNote—This software can help students by maintaining a database of their references and creating in-text citations and bibliographies in their documents.
  • Graduate School blog—The thesis and dissertation category contains a variety of tutorial designed to answer the most common questions students have when preparing their document.
  • Graduate School Communications Assistance Program (GS-CAP) – learn about resources to assist with written and oral/aural communication
  • Graduate School image preflight profile—Use this preflight profile in Adobe Acrobat® to check the quality of images in a document.  Right click on the link to save it to a computer, and use in Adobe Acrobat®.  Instructions are available on our blog tutorial.
  • LaTeX templates—This template and instructions can assist students using LaTeX.  See also our online seminars for more information.
  • Online Seminars—The Graduate School regularly presents on topics related to thesis and dissertation preparation.  Online seminars, seminar notes, and useful handouts are archived online.  Topics include Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, LaTeX, Great Images, EndNote, and more!
  •—Students can submit documents for plagiarism review.  The web site is in the Graduate School Canvas course. Only graduate students will have access to the information needed to access the site. Contact Debra Charlesworth for assistance with accessing the Canvas course or site.