Forms and Requirements for Doctoral Students (PhD)

Forms designated with a "G" are due in the Graduate School, while forms designated with a "P" are due to the graduate program.

See Doctor of Philosophy for other degree requirements.

TRACK PROGRESS: Students can check MyMichiganTech for a checklist of items that are needed to complete a degree. See our tutorial for a walkthrough.

The forms don't work. What should I do?

All Graduate School forms may be completed in newer versions of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader (v9 or higher).  If you are experiencing problems try:

  1. Switching to a different browser. Currently, Internet Explorer is recommended.
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TDR-Review is provided as a sample for your information and does not allow data entry, since the Graduate School completes and returns this form for you.

Official, final transcript from previous college, if it is not Michigan Tech. If this does not include proof-of-degree, then an official proof of final degree is also required.
Before arrival on campus/First Semester
D1-Acceptance into the Doctoral Program from a Michigan Tech Master's Program
First semester as a doctoral student
ONLY for Michigan Tech masters's students transferring into a PhD program
Basic Responsible Conduct for Research Training
Patent, Research and Proprietary Rights Agreement
First semester
Advisor and Committee Recommendation Form
Second semester
Advanced Responsible Conduct for Research Training
Second or third academic semester (summers are not counted)
Required for all students who begin a degree in spring 2013 or later
Required for externally funded students who began before spring 2013
Dependant on start date and source of funding
Report on Qualifying Examination
After qualifying examination(s); no later than five years after enrollment
Degree Schedule
Semester prior to moving to full-time research-only mode OR semester prior to final oral defense
Report on Research Proposal Examination
When topic and committee are set; no later than six years after enrollment
Petition to Enter Full-Time Research-Only Mode
One week prior to the first day of classes in the semester student plans to enter research-only mode. All course work, qualifying exam and research proposal exam must be completed and appropriate tracking forms must be on file.
Commencement Application Form
Ten weeks prior to desired commencement ceremony if student wishes to participate in commencement (see "Deadlines")
Pre-defense Form
Two weeks before oral exam
Draft PDF of dissertation to Graduate School and committee
Two weeks before oral exam
Students do not submit this form. It is completed by Graduate School staff and returned to students after review of draft and final dissertation.
Report on Final Oral Examination
Immediately after oral exam
Approval of a Dissertation, Thesis, or Report
Due no more than one week before submitting a final dissertation
Final PDF of dissertation to Graduate School and ProQuest/UMI
See Deadlines for due dates in upcoming semesters
Degree Completion Form
Uploaded with final dissertation
Survey of Earned Doctorates | Exit Survey
The Graduate School is notified when the Survey of Earned Doctorates is completed.
See Deadlines for due dates in upcoming semesters
Return University keys to Public Safety, return all library books, and pay any outstanding fees before leaving campus.