Dean's Award for Outstanding Scholarship

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the recipients of the Dean's Award for Outstanding Scholarship.

Recipients—Fall 2014

  • Swarup  China (Atmospheric Sciences PhD)
  • Niraj Dhital (Physics PhD)
  • Yaoxian Huang ( Environmental Engineering PhD)
  • Nayyer Islam (Geological Engineering PhD)
  • Ranjeeth R Naik (Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics PhD)
  • Gaurav H Pandit (Mechanical Engineering MS)
  • Rachel L Rupnow (Mathematical Sciences MS)
  • Maria F Tafur Agudelo (Chemical Engineering PhD)
  • Anqi  Zhang (Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics PhD)

Recipients—Spring 2015

  • Andrew H. Baker (Materials Science & Engineering PhD)
  • Mehran Bidarvatan (Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics PhD)
  • Luke J. Bowman (Geology PhD)
  • Adam P. Coble (Forest Science PhD)
  • Ashley A. Coble (Biological Sciences MS)
  • Cynthia M. Delaney (Rhetoric & Technical Communication MS)
  • Kamal B. Dhungana (Physics PhD)
  • Ruilong Han (Civil Engineering PhD)
  • Weilue He (Biomedical Engineering PhD)
  • Brian P. Hutzler (Master of Business Administration)
  • Shuaimin Kang (Mathematical Sciences MS)
  • Jordan L. Klinger (Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics PhD)
  • Udit N. Shrivastava (Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics PhD)
  • Jun Tao (Computer Science PhD)
  • Bo Zhang (Atmospheric Sciences PhD)