Joining an Enterprise

An enterprise is a team of students that operate like a company to solve real-world problems in a learning atmosphere. The enterprise program emphasizes sustainability, ethics, safety, innovation, creativity, and communication.

You can join an enterprise to complete senior design requirements. Pursuing the Enterprise Minor or Concentration is optional for EE and CpE majors. There are three enterprises in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department:

Enterprise NameAdvisor
L02 Blue Marble SecurityDr. Glen Archer, Instructor
L03 Wireless CommunicationMr. Kit Cischke, Instructor
L04 Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MEEM) & ACE(ECE)Mr. Robert Page, Lab Manager, MEEM; Dr. John Lukowski, Assoc. Prof, ECE
L21 Aerospace Enterprise (MEEM)Dr. Brad King, Professor, MEEM

Can I join Enterprises in other departments?

You are also eligible to participate in the other enterprise programs on campus. If you are joining enterprise for Senior Design credit, ensure you participate on a project that provides you with engineering design experience in your major (EE or CpE). Computer Engineers should evaluate hardware/software tradeoffs in senior level enterprise work. Many enterprises need EE and CpE majors on projects. Shop around and find a project that will be interesting and/or fun.

How do I register for an Enterprise minor?

To register for the enterprise minor, you must obtain the approval of the faculty advisor for the enterprise you wish to join. You must also fill out a form which is processed by Dr. Mary Raber, 708 M & M building.

See Judy Donahue, ECE undergraduate program advisor, EERC 131, to ensure you are enrolling in the correct Enterprise semester in order to complete senior design requirements.

Which course number do I enroll in?

Pay close attention to the prerequisite chains. It might be best to start enterprise when you are in Calc II or beyond: see chart below.

Based on the number of semesters you have remaining at Tech (on campus) & your senior design plans:

Suggested Co-requisite

EECpE# remaining semesters: ENTxxxx (x credits)
MA2160MA21607: ENT1960 (1 credit)
EE2111CS2321 & EE21116: ENT2950 (1)
EE2112EE2112 & CS11415: ENT2960 (1)
EE3131EE3131 & CS34214: ENT3950 (1) (Begins senior design sequence)
EE ElectiveEE3173 3: ENT3960 (1) (if ENT3950 is complete or if you are on 3-semester option)
  2: ENT4950 (2) (ENT3960, and senior design prereqs for your major complete)
  1: ENT4960 (2) . . . (ENT4950 must be complete; Ends senior design sequence)
  Another 1: ENT4961 (1) . . . "Super Senior Semester" (ENT4960 must be complete)

Look up the CRN and section number Lxx that corresponds to the enterprise you are enrolling in. Complete a special approval waiver form and bring to Enterprise Faculty Advisor for approval signature. Take completed and signed form to Admin. 110 or EERC 131 if ECE enterprise.

What can Enterprise credit count for, if not applied to Senior Design credit?

ENT1960, ENT2950, ENT2960, ENT4961 and ENT modules can count for:

EE Majors: Approved Electives (non-math/science) or free electives

CpE Majors: Does not apply (since there are no Free electives), but great for your resume and undergraduate experience.