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Enterprise Engineering Design Option

Using Enterprise Credits for Completing Engineering Design Requirements

Enterprise project work can be used to meet the 4-6 credits of Senior Design requirements. You do not need to have an Enterprise minor or Enterprise concentration to do this. You would join an enterprise for Senior Design Credit when you have four semesters remaining on campus, or in some cases, three.

You can meet senior design requirements in enterprise with one of the following two sets of courses:

  1. ENT 3950, ENT 3960, ENT 4950, and ENT 4960 (In this order. Four semesters)
  2. ENT 3960, an Approved Enterprise Module, ENT 4950 and ENT 4960 (ENT 3950 does not apply)

Plan carefully according to the pre-requisite chain and the number of semesters you have left here at the Michigan Tech campus. If you go with option 2, take a moment to review the Approved Enterprise Modules.

Enterprise Course Numbers for registration - Which course number do I use?

ENT 4950 - Use this form to register:

ENT 4950 Registration Permission Form is required to enroll.


  • You must remain in the same enterprise for at least your last two semesters (ENT 4950 and ENT 4960).
  • Your last two semesters, ENT 4950 and ENT 4960, must be taken consecutively (no co-op or study abroad).
  • Option 3 students: Approved module must be taken along with either ENT 3960 or ENT 4950.
  • ENT 1960, ENT 2950, ENT 2960, and ENT 4961 do not apply to senior design requirements.
  • ENT 3950 does not apply to Senior Design requirements with the 3 semester option.