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Applied Portfolio Management Program

Real money, real investments, real business—that’s the Applied Portfolio Management Program (APMP) at Michigan Tech.

There’s no better way to prepare for a career in finance or wealth management than to gain firsthand experience. This is exactly what the APMP provides—the opportunity to invest more than $1.5 million of real money. Students involved with the program have access to Michigan Tech’s cutting edge investment software and spend time in our trading lab analyzing real-time market data, researching price quotes, and placing trades.

Get Involved with APMP

Ready to hit the trading room floor to buy, sell, and trade? Michigan Tech’s Applied Portfolio Management Program (APMP) is for you.

As a member of the APMP team, you will:

  • Begin working on day one to create a new investment management firm.
  • Access live-streamed financial market reports, price data, and more.
  • Use cutting edge investment software in Michigan Tech’s sophisticated LGSI Trading Lab.
  • Compete in the RISE International Investment Challenge—Michigan Tech students have won three times in the past nine years, and even had the opportunity to open the New York Stock Exchange!
  • Gain support and information from alumni and Advisory Board members in high-visibility business positions.

Each year, 14 students are selected to lead the APMP for one academic year. Students are chosen based on rigorous interviews and demonstrated aptitude and leadership skills in the area of finance and financial economic theory. View the application, the current team and APMP alumni.

Support APMP

The APMP is made possible by support from the University, the School of Business and Economics Dean's Advisory Council, the Applied Portfolio Management Program Advisory Board and many other firms and organizations. 

Michigan Tech’s Applied Portfolio Management Program (APMP) is developing the next generation of financial opportunists, investment strategists, and global business leaders. Educating tomorrow’s workforce is a big job—and we can’t do it without your support.

Financial Support

Your contribution to the APMP-designated fund will ensure that we have the best equipment, opportunities, advisors, and faculty in the upcoming years.
Donate directly to APMP via the Tech Fund.

Professional Advising

Do you have a specialty, experience, or skill that could benefit Michigan Tech’s finance-savvy students? Contact Dean Johnson to discuss the possibility of sharing your experience. We’re looking for guest speakers to share their thoughts about the current financial climate, investing in a down economy, trading options, and more.

APMP Team Member Directory

Proud Sponsors of APMP

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LSGI Advisors Inc. advise and support the Applied Portfolio Management Program by providing guest lecturers, financial support, and valuable investment information. Learn more about this fund by visiting and read the LSGI Advisors Report.