Heather Knewtson

Heather Knewtson


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  • Assistant Professor of Finance, School of Business and Economics
  • PhD, Finance, Washington State University


Dr. Knewtson earned her Bachelor’s in Actuarial Science from Roosevelt University in 1999, working in industry as a pension actuary. Knewtson earned her Master’s in Applied Economics (2010) and Doctorate in Business Administration – Finance (2011), both from Washington State University. Knewtson’s research focuses on insider trading and investor sentiment, with publications in the Financial Analysts Journal, the Journal of Business Research and Managerial Finance.

Dr. Knewtson teaches Investment Analysis, Principles of Finance and Security Valuation. Knewtson appeared in Michigan Tech's Dean's Teaching Showcase in 2017. In 2013, Knewtson received the College of Business Administration Dean's Teaching Award while on the faculty at Central Michigan University. In 2012, Knewtson was an inaugural member of the High-Impact Teaching Academy at Central Michigan University. In 2010, Knewtson received university level teaching recognition as recipient of Washington State University's Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award in 2010.

Teaching Interests

  • Principles of Finance
  • Investment Analysis
  • Security Valuation

Research Interests

  • Insider Trading & Managerial Compensation
  • Investor Attention & Sentiment
  • Market Efficiency & Perceived Mispricing

Selected Publications

  • Knewtson, Heather, 2014, Leading a Mock Trading Floor: Active-Based Learning in a Business Context, Journal of Accounting and Finance 14, 11-19. (lead article)
  • Knewtson, Heather, and John Nofsinger, 2014, Why are CFO Insider Trades More Informative? Managerial Finance 40, 157-175.
  • Knewtson, Heather S., Richard W. Sias, and David A. Whidbee, 2010, Style Timing with Insiders, Financial Analysts Journal 66, 46-66.
  • Knewtson, Heather S., and Richard W. Sias, 2010, Why Susie Owns Starbucks: The Name Letter Effect in Security Selection, Journal of Business Research, 63, 1324-1327.