KSI Accounting Club

Accounting is the language of business. 

—Steven Voynich, Jr. of Robinson, Grimes and Co.

KSI Accounting Club

Fast Facts

  • KSI is run by students for students, with advisory from knowledgeable professors in the accounting field
  • Students receive many tools to boost their resumes, including chances to participate in community programs as well as resume tips and advice
  • KSI encourages strong professional success while maintaining a friendly, social atmosphere
  • KSI members help low-income families and students file their income taxes by participating in the nationally recognized Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.
  • Learn how to put yourself on the fast track to become a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA)!

Kappa Sigma Iota Club Description

The goal of Kappa Sigma Iota is to enhance the career paths and success of students pursuing accounting and/or related majors. Whether you are studying accounting,
business, or finance, Kappa Sigma Iota can boost your college experience in a number of ways.

An excellent opportunity that Kappa Sigma Iota offers lies in the club’s yearly trip. For three days, KSI students are able to go on a University-sponsored trip to meet and
network with CPA firms, such as KPMG and William Blair in Chicago. This trip is invaluable for gaining information on pursuing accounting as a career.

Kappa Sigma Iota members also receive opportunities to participate in programs such as VITA, a nationally recognized program designed to help low-income families and
students file their annual income tax returns. Programs like VITA allow students to get a feel for the world of business while at the college level, and look fantastic on resumes.

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