“Success is not to be measured by income but by influence, not by power but by personality, not by capital but by character.” —Stephen W. Gilman, Beta Gamma Sigma Founder

Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma mission is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business and to foster personal and professional excellence and to advance the values of Society.  It is an international honor society and only selects the upper 10% of undergraduates and graduate students.  The Objectives of the Society are: 

  • Encourage and honor high academic achievement by students of business and management through chapters in business programs accredited by AACSB International.
  • Foster in Beta Gamma Sigma members an enduring commitment to the founding principles and values of the Society: honor and integrity, pursuit of wisdom, and earnestness.
  • Support the advancement of business thought and practice to encourage lifelong learning.
  • Enhance the value of Beta Gamma Sigma for students and alumni members in their professional lives.



MBA:  Brian Hutzler and Charles Ouellette

MS in Accounting:  Duan Ximeng, Judy Isaacson and Ji Zhou

Seniors:  Yinan Chen, Yi Chen, Fangliu Huang, Heath Johnson, Yudan Lurong, Arissara (Kwang) Suthijindawong, Kayleigh White, Dylan Whittaker, Yingxin Wu, Wenyu Xu and Chang Zhang

Juniors:  Abbey Halonen, Nora Pennala, Kaila Pietila, Yuxin Shao, James Sturos and Kendall Ward

Faculty Member:  Dr. Sonia Goltz

Michigan Tech BGS Chapter Advisor:  Sheila Milligan


MBA:  Anthony Giesey, Christina Jufliak and Aditya Laijawala

Seniors:  Caihang Li, Junchi Li, Jesse Linebarger, Frank Kampe and August Skultety

Juniors:  Quentin Franke, Nathan Koenig, Ya Luo, Tingting Song, Benjamin Stelzer and Cory Sullivan

Faculty Member:  Joel Tuoriniemi

Michigan Tech BGS Chapter Advisor:  Sheila Milligan


MBA:  Gareth Johnson and Megan Smaby

Seniors:  Rebecca Dionne, Kenton Longhini, Alyssa Loven, Brett Ludwig, Nathan Sturos, and Matthew Vertin

Juniors:  Troy Hecht, Rhonda Heusinkveld, Brianna Pennala, Kendra Rasch, Brock Treankler, and Melanie Wells

Faculty Member:  Sheila Milligan

Michigan Tech BGS Chapter Advisor: Dr. Mari Buche


MBA:  Birong Tao and Ramesh Thakur

Seniors:  Lu Bai, Kira Eck, Liangshun Gao, Abby Koski, Rhea-Ann Moses, Cole Nichols, Kathryn Poulisse, Shuiyuan Tan and Kellie Tarvainen

Juniors:  Jeni Hammerstrom, Dayna Pomeroy, Kristina Raisanen, Drew Randell and Jessi Sagner

Michigan Tech BGS Chapter Advisor: Dr. Mari Buche


MBA:  Tao Guo and Kali Jeter

Seniors:  Yingqi Gu and Wei He

Juniors:  Meng Dai, Thomas Harri, Stephanie Kantola, Carissa Miller, Caitlin Pionke and Wade Thelen

Faculty Member:  Anne Warrington

Michigan Tech BGS Chapter Advisor: Dr. Mari Buche