APMP Alumni

Ryan Layton ’04

APMP Member: 2003–04

Ryan is now an investment manager for Wells Fargo. The most valuable thing he learned from APMP? “It’s easy enough to formulate an opinion. The most valuable thing I learned was how to defend it. There are many ancillary skills beyond investment analysis that you develop in APMP: time management, presentation skills, working in teams. You’re running every aspect of the fund: analysis, management, accounting, investor relations. Exposure to all of these was very beneficial to preparing me for my career.”

Jessica (Omtvedt) Chlopek ’06

APMP Member: 2005–06

Jessica is an institutional equity sales associate for William Blair and Co. “I thought it was an awesome and necessary experience if you are serious about pursuing a financial career. My classes were great, but being able to apply the skills is key in the real world. At the time it felt like an overwhelming amount of tasks on top of an already difficult workload. But it all paid off. With my APMP experience, a great internship, new financial contacts, and decent grades under my belt, I was able to land a job at a Chicago-based financial firm called William Blair. Admittedly, I do work a lot—sometimes twelve-plus hours a day!—but I love my job, and I’m proud to say that a small-town Wisconsin girl made it to the big city with the help of APMP, Dean Johnson, and the rest of the Michigan Tech team!”

Brad Person ’06

APMP Member: 2005–06

Brad is an independent investor and founder of Digital Harbor LLC. Person echoes some of Layton’s analysis of how APMP affected his career. “If one thing had to be named, it would be applying a fundamental analysis to an environment and not necessarily achieving a result or outcome. We’ve seen the past several years bring an array of risks and regulations that have changed the financial landscape. Valuations, strategies, and analyses must each take this adaptive approach to stay viable. APMP highlights this process on a daily basis by applying it to a real-world opportunity. It’s a great experience that pays dividends.”

Amanda Vogt ’10

APMP Member: 2008–10

Amanda is a financial analyst at S. N. Phelps & Company. “I was amazed and surprised after competing at RISE that Michigan Tech gets to manage over a million dollars. Many of the other schools were only managing a couple hundred thousand, where we have the opportunity to invest much more. The program and experience I gained were irreplaceable. Apart from the academic and career benefits, APMP is also a great way to build relationships with your peers who share the same passion for finance.”