Prerequisites and Course Schedule


There are no required prerequisites for the MS in applied natural resource economics. You should have a background in statistics, analytics, and mathematics. The courses below, or their equivalents, would help you to excel in this program.

  • Calculus (MA1160 or equivalent)
  • Principles of Economics (EC2001 or equivalent)
  • Economic Decision Analysis (EC3400 or FIN4100 or equivalent)
  • Statistics (MA2720 or equivalent)

Course Schedule

The 30-credit program is comprised of three components.

Core courses in statistics, finance, and economics—15 credits

  • Approved course in statistical methods, usually EC4200 Econometrics
  • EC5000 Microeconomic Theory or EC5300 Managerial Economics
  • EC5400 Advanced Engineering Economics or FIN4100 Advanced Financial Management
  • Two courses from:

Approved electives in specific field of interest—9 credits

Master’s thesis—6 credits