Study Abroad

Study Abroad and International Opportunities

It’s a big world with big opportunities, and Michigan Tech students realize that creating the future doesn’t have to happen at home. It’s no wonder that hundreds of crazy-smart students take their love of learning—and teaching—outside the country for at least one international learning experience every year.

Study Abroad

The best way to experience a foreign culture? Live it. With programs in over forty countries—including Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, and Ghana—you can make new friends, gain a new perspective, and create the international experience that's right for you. There are semester-long, year-long, and summer programs available. Or, you can study railroad engineering, geology, or foreign policy through faculty-led programs in places such as Finland, England, and Estonia.

Tuition charges are often the same as what you’d pay at Michigan Tech. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for a number of scholarships specifically aimed at international learning experiences.

Pre-First-Year Study Abroad

Incoming first-year students are invited to participate in an exciting faculty-led summer study abroad program—Tales of Two Cities: London and Paris. During thi five-week program, you’ll experience international culture and earn Michigan Tech course credits before enrolling as a full-time student in the fall semester.

Pavlis Institute for Global Technological Leadership

It takes leaders to create the future. Real leaders with crazy-smart ideas and initiative. The purpose of the Pavlis Institute for Global Technological Leadership is to empower students—both natural leaders and those with the potential to lead—to tap into their own entrepreneurial spirit and equip them with the exceptional skills it takes to lead global organizations and initiatives.

As a student in the Pavlis Institute, you’ll participate in course work that emphasizes technology, business, and communications in a global context, learn about leadership styles, and complete an international experience between your junior and senior years. Pavlis scholars participate in immersive projects in the Republic of Ghana, Malta, and India.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders provides a venue for all students on campus to engage in international development projects. Members strive to improve the quality of life—namely health, the environment, and economics—in partner communities in Guatemala, Honduras, and Bolivia. Students represent majors from every engineering field, business, technical communication, forestry, humanities, social sciences, and psychology.

International Senior Design/idesign

Inspired, international, integrative community design is the core of idesign—Michigan Tech’s international senior design experience. You’ll engage with rural communities in Panama to create sustainable solutions to difficult challenges. The goal: complete a full-scale design analysis, taking into account community needs, indigenous design wisdom, technical feasibility, economic viability, desirability, health and safety, societal impact, and (of course) your crazy-smart innovation.

Peace Corps Master's International

If the Peace Corps and a Master’s degree are in your future, keep in mind that Michigan Tech is the nation's premier Peace Corps university—producing nearly 15 percent of the country's Master's International students. Following two semesters of on-campus course work you’ll head out for twenty-seven months of service in the Peace Corps. With over seven programs to choose from, you’d be crazy not to consider this option.