Theatre and Electronic Media Performance

Theatre and Electronic Media Performance

Being a performer isn’t limited to the stage. Crazy-smart performers know that making a living doing what you love comes in a variety of performance areas including live theatre, documentaries, educational film and video, event digital arts, and gaming performance. Being a theatre and electronic media performance major at Michigan Tech will give you all of the tools need to become a well-educated (and working!) professional.

What You Need to Know About This Program

  • At Michigan Tech you will perform in mainstage theatre productions. Our program allows you to experience more stage-to-studio time than those offered elsewhere.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to assist faculty members in workshop preparations with the potential for student work on faculty grants.
  • Student from the theatre and electronic media performance program recently partnered with the Michigan Public Health Institute to film training videos for the Institute's website.
  • You’ll have access to a computer lab equipped with entertainment-dedicated programs.
  • Develop your skills at high-tech theatres such as the beautiful Rozsa Center and the traditional McArdle Theatre as well as historic venues like the 108-year-old Calumet Theatre.

In a world where actors make 50 percent of their living outside of the theatre, this program will prepare you to be successful in a variety of performance areas. Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to work in the theatre but will also have the skills to work in video game or audio book narration, voice and commercial talent for radio and television, and major sales and marketing agencies.

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