Sound Design

Sound Design

When you hear great music, do you find yourself wondering how it’s produced? Study sound design at Michigan Tech and you’ll have all the answers. You’ll integrate a crazy-smart mix of music and theatre production with course work in engineering technology and computer science. You’ll also study acoustics, electro-acoustics, electronics, computer applications, mechanical operations, and other disciplines to make sure your training is cutting edge.

What You Need to Know About This Program

  • You start project work your first semester with recording live broadcasts and mixing multi-track recordings in a top notch ProTools HD equipped studio.
  • You’ll graduate with a broad skill set ideally suited to working in the modern audio production field.
  • You’ll develop your skills in high tech training at performance venues such as the beautiful Rozsa Center and traditional McArdle Theatre.
  • The integration of theatre and music—along with a commitment to production in theatre, music, and media in both the nonprofit and entertainment fields—distinguishes Michigan Tech from almost all other programs.
  • There are a wide variety of opportunities in sound including live sound, recording, themed entertainment, and sound for picture.
  • You will work regularly on live sound mixing, music album creation, and sound design for theatre and film.

Being a sound design major means that you will graduate with significant technical skills, which can lead to careers at companies like Disney and Cirque de Soleil. Start your career as an intern or assistant and then consider grad school. Many graduates then go on to become sound designers for theatre, film, musicals, themed entertainment, or online media, or enjoy careers as recording engineers or live sound mixers.

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