Social Sciences

Social Sciences

If you’re looking for a flexible degree that allows you to study a specialized area of interest, then you’re looking in the right spot. Michigan Tech’s social sciences degree gives you broad exposure to the various social sciences disciplines while allowing you to focus your studies on a particular area of interest.

As a social sciences major, you’ll get the opportunity to participate in some crazy-smart hands-on research—the early history of mining and other local history projects, historic preservation and archeological projects, as well as aspects of environmental policy.

Find your Passion with the Right Concentration

What You Need to Know About This Program

  • The curriculum is flexible and adaptable to your needs and interests; degree requirements, especially in terms of the number of electives, resemble those at many liberal arts colleges.
  • You can participate in a summer archaeology field study (we've been conducting them for over 30 years) where you will work with local, state, and Federal agencies to conduct meaningful research at a variety of locations around the country.
  • You can become certified to teach social studies through the secondary education option.
  • The department offers six different social sciences disciplines within one unit, giving you a strong interdisciplinary perspective.
  • We offer a competitive mock trial program in which two teams present all the aspects of a regular trial, including opening statements, direct and cross examinations, and closing arguments. Practicing attorneys and judges actually preside over, score, and determine the winner of the mock trial competition.
  • The small size of the program allows for personal attention and advising. Department faculty are always willing to undertake independent study projects with students.

Graduates of the social sciences program have gone on to professional careers in city and regional planning and development, personnel relations, public relations, business management trainee programs, government agencies, cultural resource management agencies, social work agencies, as well as firms in the private sector. Several also attend graduate programs such as international relations at Yale, urban affairs at SUNY-Albany—while interning with the Albany Mayor’s office—and library science at the University of Michigan.

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