Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Chemists are at the forefront of drug design, synthesis, testing, and development. The pharmaceutical chemistry program at Michigan Tech will prepare you for a variety of health and biomedical careers through hands-on research in drug design, biochemistry, and computational chemistry. Ready to dive right in? You’d be crazy not to.

What You Need to Know About This Program

  • Michigan Tech’s pharmaceutical chemistry program is unique. It gives you an advantage whether you’re interested in starting your career immediately or doing graduate work in drug design or other aspects of pharmaceutical chemistry.
  • Undergraduate research is strongly encouraged; most students participate in either undergraduate research or a co-op experience in a company (or both!)
  • Undergraduates have access to high-tech research equipment, including our nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer and gas chromatography and single-crystal x-ray diffractometer.
  • You can get free help on your assignments or work for the Chemistry Learning Center.
  • Earn a Master's degree in just a single year of study beyond your undergrad degree through the accelerated master's program in chemistry.

Our graduates have gone on to work in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, forensic science, medical and law school, teaching, and graduate school. With a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry, you’ll be ready to take on the ever-changing world of medicine.

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