Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science

Smart students know to look ahead for a job with excellent potential... and medical laboratory science (MLS) majors are in crazy-high demand. Michigan Tech has one of the largest MLS programs in Michigan, yet consistently offers specialty courses with smaller-sized lectures and labs. 

Choose your Focus

As a medical laboratory science major you can customize your degree by selecting one of these options:

  • 3+1 or 4+1 Cytotechnology
  • 4+1 Histotechnology
  • 3+1 or 4+1 Medical Laboratory science

What You Need to Know About This Program

  • You’ll engage in hands-on research as part of your curriculum…your last year of education will be a clinical practicum.
  • You’ll receive strong personal advising by MLS faculty.
  • A national shortage of MLS personnel means there are great job opportunities once you graduate.
  • The internship/clinical practicum option means you’ll intern at accredited hospital laboratories nationwide.
  • You can get free help on your assignments or work for the Biological Sciences Learning Center.
  • You’ll take a full spectrum of clinical courses, which means lots of hands-on laboratory work.

Our MLS graduates staff and direct hospital and clinic laboratories, and are extremely in demand. If you’re looking for a degree that will help you make a difference in medicine, MLS will get you where you want to go.

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