If you’re crazy about history and you’re looking for a degree that allows you the flexibility to focus on the areas of history you’re most passionate about, then Michigan Tech is a smart choice! Known for its strength in the history of technology, the program has a comprehensive supporting liberal arts foundation and offers research opportunities that will grant you the freedom to focus on a wide variety of topics.

What You Need to Know About This Program

  • The history curriculum is very flexible and adaptable to your needs and interests. You can focus your studies on particular fields such as European history, American history, industrial archaeology and history, or the history of technology.
  • The small size of the program allows for personal attention and advising. Department faculty are always willing to undertake independent study projects with students.
  • All history majors can participate in the field school, where undergraduates work alongside faculty and graduate students.
  • You can get involved with Michigan Tech’s innovative Enterprise program by participating in teams and bringing an important perspective to challenges the teams face.

Studying history at a technological university might sound crazy, but when you see the degree requirements—especially in terms of the number of electives—you’ll find that the program resembles those at many liberal arts colleges. Bonus: the technological focus will give you an advantage in your future career.

Graduates of the history program have gone on to professional careers in teaching, law, ministry, business, governmental administration, journalism, archival and museum work, and historical preservation.

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