General Sciences and Arts

Sciences and Arts, General

Business, engineering, science, technology, math, education—with so many options, how are you supposed to decide? We understand that choosing a major can be overwhelming, and we think it’s crazy to dive into a program you’re unsure about.

So make the smart move and give yourself some extra time to make the right decision. We’ve made it easy—through the general sciences and arts program, you’ll have the advantage of time (up to three semesters) to explore different majors without delaying graduation or losing money pursuing what may turn out to be less than what you expected. Your academic advisor will help you choose courses that satisfy the general education requirements of all majors, and we will provide resources and guidance to help you to find the major that best suits your own talents, interests, and values.

What You Need to Know About This Program

  • You’ll have access to resources to help you choose the best major.
  • Through the Sciences and Arts Explorations course you’ll get information and guidance that will help you examine potential majors and careers; reflect on your own goals, talents, interests, and values; and further your success in the University.
  • Your advisor will help you plan your schedule, navigate the policies and procedures of the university, and learn to be an independent decision maker.
  • Visit Career Services—you can talk with staff and try out our free MyPlan career planning to help you find the major that’s right for you.
  • When you’re ready to make a decision about your major, you’ll be able to choose from all that Michigan Tech has to offer—from arts, humanities, and social sciences to engineering, forestry and environmental sciences, and more.

Don’t feel pressured to choose a major just because everyone else is doing it—do what’s best for you. After all, one of the most popular majors is “I’m not sure!” Let our general sciences and arts program help you stay on track and reach your goals.

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