Computer Systems Science

Computer Systems Science

Computers play a critical role in our society, so it’s important to have people working to ensure cost-effective privacy, security, and safety measures. Those people are most likely crazy-smart computer systems science majors.

Michigan Tech’s program prepares students for careers in all types of industrial, educational, and government institutions. You’ll get a solid theoretical and practical foundation in all aspects of computer systems, including operating systems, networking, administration, performance analysis, and security.

What You Need to Know About This Program

  • You'll learn the skills to hit the ground running after graduation as well as provide the foundation for life-long learning—an important thing in this extremely dynamic field.
  • The computer science department has partnered with the psychology department to equip a human factors lab for education and research.
  • You’ll have the chance to compete in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest—we’ve had teams compete in the World Finals in Prague and Shanghai.
  • Put your classroom skills into practice by working part-time in the local area with international corporations like GE Aviation and Dematic. These companies hire Michigan Tech students to fill critical positions in their IT areas.
  • Department equipment is primarily Linux based—even your introductory courses will include material on Linux systems.
  • Get free help on your assignments or work for the Computer Science Learning Center.
  • Earn a Master's degree in just a single year of study beyond your undergrad degree through the accelerated master's program in computer science.

As a computer systems science major, you can also get involved with the Husky Game Development Enterprise, a team of students focused on designing, developing, and marketing video games. Plus, there are more than twenty other teams that you can join—computers and special-purpose software are integral components of many of the Enterprise projects.

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