Communication, Culture, and Media

Communication, Culture, and Media

Do you find your niche communicating with people across a variety of cultures? As a communication, culture, and media major you will do exciting research and learn the complexities and possibilities of modern communication. You’ll even become familiar with a second language and culture—a crazy-smart skill that will help you succeed in this global society.

What You Need to Know About This Program

  • The program covers three main areas: digital, graphic, audio, and written media; the technology, power, and meaning of historical and modern popular culture; and strategies for effective communication.
  • You’ll experience a core set of humanistic, theoretical courses in communication.
  • This is one of the few undergraduate programs in the country that emphasizes digital media, language and diversity, and social change from a cultural studies perspective and within an interdisciplinary department.
  • You will be trained to use specialized software designed for communication professionals.
  • You will develop communication skills appropriate for a specific career path and gain expertise in language and culture.
  • You’ll have access to the HDMZ computer lab, where helpful consultants are always on duty.

You'll have the opportunity to join the CinOptic Communication and Media Enterprise, a student-run business team develops design products for clients at Michigan Tech and around our community. Products include marketing materials, websites, instructional documents—you name it!

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