Whether you’ve dreamed of excavating on an archaeology dig or documenting a culture on camera, the anthropology program at Michigan Tech is a great place to start. Our anthropology majors have a distinct advantage—we’re all about hands-on research here. You can go from the classroom to a field site in just a few minutes. With all of the opportunities to learn from leaders in the field, you’d be crazy not to consider it.

Choose your Focus

As an anthropology major you can focus on:

  • Archaeology
  • Environmental anthropology (examining the relationship between humans and their environments)

What You Need to Know About Anthropology

  • You can participate in a summer archaeology field school (we've been conducting them for over 30 years) where you'll work with local, state, and federal agencies to conduct meaningful research at a variety of locations around the country.
  • Our anthropology department is the home of the leading journal in industrial archaeology, The Journal of the Society for Industrial Archaeology.
  • You’ll have access to a well-equipped archaeology lab that gives you experience in the processing and classification of artifacts and includes facilities for electrolytic artifact cleaning and a high-temperature kiln.
  • You’ll get to use a variety of equipment for surveying field sites, including a “total station.”
  • The anthropology curriculum is designed to be flexible to fit your interests and career goals.

With an undergraduate degree in anthropology, you’ll find work in a wide range of growing fields, including positions at nonprofit and governmental agencies. Or work as an ethnographic market researcher, examining customer thoughts, motivations, and behaviors as part of the product development process. Get an anthropology job in teaching, social work, and business, all with a great salary. It also provides a good background for a number of people-oriented professions that could be pursued at the graduate level, such as law, business, and the health fields. Who says you can’t make your dreams come true?

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