PC or Mac, laptop or desktop—if you’re buying a new computer for college, there’s no “best” or recommended kind. The computer you’re most comfortable with is the one we recommend. If you do choose a laptop, we’ve got wireless zones in the residence halls and across campus so you’ll always be online.

Get additional specifications and answers to frequently asked questions from our IT staff.

You’ll have 24/7 access to high-performance workstations in the VanPelt and Opie Library, including software specific to your classes/major and unlimited printing (though it’s convenient to have a printer in your room as well). You can check the availability of the labs closest to you on campus and find space to check email, work on papers for other classes, or catch up on facebook.

Michigan Tech has discounts available through Dell. Additional discounts are available through Apple (no special website required, just look for the education or student pricing option).

You can purchase many software packages and programs, like Microsoft Office, from our Campus Bookstore at an education rate. You’ll need to provide your student ID to get the discount, so you may need to wait until Orientation week.