University Standing Committees

Title IX Awareness Committee

Reports to:

Beth Lunde-Stockero.


The University Title IX Awareness Committee is an advisory group and task force comprised of campus and community partners designed to guide sexual violence education in compliance with federal and state regulations for our University community.


Campus and community partners


  • Kirsti Arko (Chair), Institutional Equity
  • Brenda Anttila, Institutional Equity
  • Whitney Boroski, Dean of Students Office, Wellness
  • Vince Boven, Air Force ROTC
  • Sean Brown, Residence Education & Housing Services
  • Dayna Browning, Counseling Services
  • Joshua Browning, Army ROTC
  • Vienna Chapin, International Programs & Services
  • Debra Charlesworth, Graduate School
  • Janna Clement, Air Force ROTC
  • Joe Cooper, Financial Aid
  • Rebecca Crane, Dial Help
  • Reid DeVoge, Public Safety and Police Services
  • Anne Dumble, Dial Help
  • Rhys Edwards, Athletics
  • Amy Howard, Center for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Taylor Johnston, Student
  • Kaylee Kapatos, Institutional Equity
  • Angie Kolehmainen, Baraga County Shelter Home
  • Virginia Lambert, Dial Help
  • Alexandra Marshall, Residence Education & Housing Services
  • Mary Niemela, BKG Shelter Home
  • Laura Putwen, Academic & Community Conduct
  • Kristine Putz, Dial Help
  • Kyle Rubin, Admissions
  • Paige Setter-Hallwachs, Dial Help
  • Diane Shoos, Humanities
  • Stefanie Sidortsova, University Marketing & Communications
  • Rochelle Spencer, Student Leadership and Involvement
  • Susan Sullivan, Institutional Equity
  • Alan Turnquist, Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success
  • Travis Wakeham, Biological Sciences