University Standing Committees

University Conduct Committee

Reports to:

Vice President for Student Affairs and Advancement


Serve as hearing body for disciplinary offenses, either at request of accused student or at request of Dean of Student Affairs.


Representatives appointed by the President of University Senate, President of Undergraduate Student Government, and Vice President for Student Affairs and Advancement

Members and Term Expiration Dates:

  • Joe Andres, Undergraduate Student
  • Rob Bishop, Academic & Community Conduct
  • Creighton Bradley, Undergraduate Student
  • Deb Charlesworth, Graduate School
  • Paul Charlesworth (Senate), Chemistry, 08/31/2017
  • Chris Cischke (Senate), Electrical & Computer Engineering, 08/31/2017
  • Katie Cooper, Housing & Residential Services
  • Rhys Edwards, Academic & Community Conduct
  • Haley Florinki, Undergraduate Student
  • Nathan Ford, Undergraduate Student
  • Bonnie Gorman, Dean of Students
  • Brett Hamlin (Senate), Engineering Fundamentals, 08/31/2016
  • Amberlee Haselhuhn, Graduate Student
  • L. Syd Johnson (Senate), Humanities, 08/31/2016
  • Abhilash Kantamneni, Graduate Student
  • Chris Kelly, Undergraduate Student
  • Kevin Kyle, Undergraduate Student
  • Chase Lafave, Undergraduate Student
  • Margaret Landsparger, Jackson Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Cody Malloy, Undergraduate Student
  • Muraleekrishnan Menon, Graduate Student
  • Alex Monzel, Undergraduate Student
  • Alexander Ott, Undergraduate Student
  • Bill Roberts, Financial Aid Administration
  • Jennifer Sams, J. R. Van Pelt & Opie Library
  • Elizabeth Sickles, Undergraduate Student
  • Taylor Siecinski, Undergraduate Student
  • Lee Southerton, Undergraduate Student
  • Joel Tuoriniemi (Senate), School of Business & Economics, 08/31/2016
  • Stan Vitton (Senate), Civil & Environmental Engineering, 08/31/2015
  • Jennifer Winikus, Graduate Student
  • Chester Winfield, Undergraduate Student