Sabbatical Leave Committee

Reports to:

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs


Review and make recommendations to the president on all applications for sabbatical leave.


Faculty appointed by the president, with advice of the University Senate.

Members and Term Expiration Dates:

  • Kazuya Tajiri (Senate), Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, 08/01/2025, Committee Chair
  • Robert Hutchinson (Senate), College of Business, 05/03/2024
    • for Andrew Fiss (Senate), Humanities, 08/01/2027
  • Scott Wagner (Senate), Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology, 08/01/2027
  • Shiyue Fang (Senate), Chemistry, 08/01/2028
  • Smitha Rao (Senate), Biomedical Engineering, 08/01/2028


01/09/2024 - updated committee, Shiyung Fang replaced Sam Sweitz
01/12/2024 - updated committee, Smitha Rao replaced William Cooke
01/23/2024 - Robert Hutchinson to serve AY 2023-24 for Andrew Fiss