Misconduct in Research, Scholarly, and Creative Endeavors Inquiry Committee

Reports to:

Associate Vice President for Research Development


Determine whether or not there may be substance to the allegations warranting an investigation.


Representatives appointed by the University Senate. An additional member may be added by the Research Integrity Office if additional expertise is required.

Members and Term Expiration Dates:

  • Jinfeng Jiang (Senate), Biomedical Engineering, 08/31/2026
  • Peter Larsen (Senate), VP for Research Development Office, 08/31/2026
  • Gowtham Shankara (Senate), Information Technology, 08/31/2026
  • Shari Stockero (Alternate), 08/31/2023

Last reviewed:

January 28, 2024 - Jinfeng Jiang & Gowtham Shankara terms extended by three years to 08/31/2026</br />
February 14, 2024 - Peter Larsen replaced Carlos Amador