Academic Integrity Committee

Reports to:

Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs


Hears cases involving academic misconduct by students and renders decisions on the student's responsibility or innocence with regards to the allegations against him/her.


Composed of six faculty members serving staggered three year terms, five full-time undergraduate students, five graduate students, and two student affairs professionals. The faculty members will be chosen from the faculty at large by the University Senate. The five undergraduates shall be chosen from the undergraduate student body by the Undergraduate Student Government. The five graduate students shall be chosen from the graduate student body by the Graduate Student Council. The two student affairs professionals will be chosen by the Dean of Students.

Members and Term Expiration Dates:

    • Todd Arney, Applied Computing, 08/31/2023
    • Paul Charlesworth, Chemistry, 08/31/2024
    • Claire Danielson, Biological Sciences, 08/31/2024
    • Brett Hamlin, Engineering Fundamentals, 08/31/2024
    • Radheshyam Tewari, Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics, 08/31/2023
    • Laura Bunzendahl-Bulleit, Vice President for Student Affairs
    • Jessica Gwosch, Dean of Students
    • Will Cantrell, Graduate School
    • Rob Bishop, Academic & Community Conduct (Chair)
    • Laura Putwen, Academic and Community Conduct
    • Jeffrey Toorongian, Jackson Center for Teaching & Learning
    • Margaret Landsparger, Applied Computing
    • Alexandra Marshall, Residence Education & Housing Services
    • Josh Gostlin, Residence Education & Housing Services
    • Alexis Straub,  Residence Education & Housing Services
    • Ashley Eschbach,  Residence Education & Housing Services
    • Jessica Storman,  Residence Education & Housing Services
    • Danielle Meirow, Student Leadership & Involvement
    • Kelli Raffaelli, Dean of Students
    • Jenn Sams, J.R. Van Pelt & Opie Library
    • Dori Schaffer,  J.R. Van Pelt & Opie Library
    • Andrew Brenner, Undergraduate Student
    • Zach Darkowski, Undergraduate Student
    • Casey Fortman, Undergraduate Student
    • Maia Newkirk, Undergraduate Student
    • Josh Kulik, Undergraduate Student
    • Ranit Karmakar, Graduate Student
    • Greg Miodonski, Graduate Student
    • Yasasya Batugedara Mohottalalage, Graduate Student

Last Update: February 20, 2023