University Standing Committees

Incident Command Team


A group of University staff members who are trained to come together and oversee, direct, and implement emergency action plans in the case of a campus emergency.

Task Force Activities:

  • TBD





Reports To:

Associate Vice President for Administration

Committee Members:

  • Allison Carter, Director, Admissions
  • Anita Quinn, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Administration
  • Bonnie Gorman, Dean of Students; Associate Vice President
  • Brian Cadwell, Director & Chief of Police, Public Safety & Police Services
  • Cheryl Johnson, Administrative Aide, Public Safety & Police Services
  • Daniel Bennett, Police Commissioner and Executive Director of University Safety and Security
  • David Chard, Director of Media Technology Services
  • David Dixon, Biosafety Officer, Compliance, Integrity, and Safety Office
  • Gregg Richards, Director of Engineering Services, Facilities Management
  • Ian Repp, Director, University Marketing and Communications
  • Janet Hayden, Executive Director, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Jennifer Donovan, Director of News and Media Relations, University Marketing & Communications
  • Joel Isaacson, Associate Athletic Director
  • John Lehman, Associate Vice President, Enrollment and University Relations
  • Joseph Cooper, Director, Student Financial Services Center
  • Leslie Cook, Vice President for Student Affairs and Advancement
  • Megan Goke, Office Assistant, Associate Vice President for Administration
  • Peter Baril, Health and Safety Manager, Occupational Safety & Health Services
  • Rachel Connors, Assistant Director, Admissions
  • Robert Bishop, Director, Academic & Community Conduct
  • Roy Britz, Deputy Chief of Police, Public Safety & Police Services
  • Scott Wagner, Assistant Professor, Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Shane Sullivan, Merchandising Manager, Merchandising Operations
  • Stephen Patchin, Director, Career Services
  • Susan Laajala, Director, General and Auxiliary Accounting
  • Susan Liebau, Director, Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success
  • Theresa Coleman-Kaiser, Associate Vice President for Administration
  • Travis Pierce, Chief Housing Officer and Director, Housing and Residential Life
  • William Roberts, Associate Vice President of Advancement and Alumni Engagement