Incident Command Team


A group of University staff members who are trained to come together and oversee, direct, and implement emergency action plans in the case of a campus emergency.

Task Force Activities:






Reports To:

Associate Vice President for Administration

Committee Members:

  • Mackenzie Barrett, Senior Dispatcher, Public Safety and Police Services
  • Brent Burns, Director, Federal Relations & Corporate Research
  • Brian Cadwell, Director & Chief of Police, Public Safety & Police Services
  • Theresa Coleman-Kaiser, Associate Vice President for Administration
  • Danielle Cyrus, Director of Purchasing
  • Reid DeVoge, Detective Lieutenant, Public Safety & Police Services
  • Marc Geborkoff, Lieutenant, Public Safety & Police Services
  • Michelle Howell, Director of Operations & Finance
  • Joel Isaacson, Associate Athletic Director for External Relations
  • Rick Koubek, University President 
  • Susan Laajala, Director, General & Auxiliary Accounting
  • John Lehman, Vice President, University Relations & Enrollment
  • Daniel Liebau, Site Engineer, Facilities Management
  • Chris Maxson, General Safety Specialist, Environmental Health & Safety
  • David Reed, Vice President of Research
  • Ian Repp, Assistant Vice President, University Marketing & Communications
  • Gregg Richards, Director Engineering Services, Facilities Management
  • Suzanne Sanregret, Vice Presdient for Athletics and Recreation
  • Sarah Schulte, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees
  • Julie Seppala, Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Andrew Storer, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Scott Wendt, Manager of Health & Safety, Environmental Health & Safety