Faculty Distinguished Service Award Committee

Reports to:

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


Administer all aspects of the process of nomination, evaluation, and final selection for the award as a recognition of superior and exceptional service activities by a member of the Michigan Tech faculty.


Two representatives of the University Senate (to be elected by the Senate), two representatives of the faculty (to be elected by the faculty at large), and a representative of the Provost.




Term Expires

Manish Srivastava (Faculty at Large) School of Business and Economics 08/31/2018
Diane Shoos (Faculty at Large) Humanities 08/31/2018
Xiaohu Xia (Senate) Chemistry 08/31/2019
Paul Charlesworth (Provost Representative) Chemistry 08/31/2019
Charles Wallace (Senate) Computer Science 08/31/2020