Committee for Accessible & Affordable Learning Materials (CAALM)

Reports to:

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students


Serve as contact point for questions regarding course materials coming from the University community; explore alternative models for course materials; engage and educate faculty, instructors, and students, including Graduate Teaching Instructors/Assistants (GTI/A) about potential options; and recommend or propose measures designed to reduce costs and increase access to high quality course materials to the provost and dean of students, to be delivered annually by February 1st.


One representative from the following areas: *Campus Store; *library; *Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL); Senate; *informational technology (IT); student financial services; undergraduate student government (USG, up to two representatives); graduate student government (GSG, up to two representatives); a faculty member appointed by the provost; a faculty member appointed by the dean of the Graduate School; as well as a representative appointed by the CFO and associate vice president for administration, the vice president for diversity & inclusion, and the vice president for student affairs.

*The accessible technology working group (ATWG, when considering new tools) or other subject matter experts should also be represented when necessary.

Members and Term Expiration Dates:

  • Steven Walton, Social Sciences, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Representative, 08/11/2023
  • Apurva Baruah, Graduate Student Government Representative, 06/30/2025
  • Amy Blake, Information Technology Representative, 06/30/2025
  • Annelise Doll, Library Representative, 06/30/2025
  • Rachael Hathcoat, Center for Diversity and Inclusion, VP for Diversity and Inclusion Representative, 06/30/2025
  • Andrew Miles, Student Financial Services Representative, 06/30/2025
  • Jake Miller, Undergraduate Student Government Representative, 06/30/2025
  • Timothy Scullion, Budget & Planning Office, Associate VP for Administration Representative, 06/30/2025
  • Jeff Toorongian, Center for Teaching and Learning Representative, 06/30/2025
  • Wayne Weaver, Mechanical Eng. - Eng. Mechanics, Associate Provost for Graduate Education Representative, 06/30/2025
  • Lindsey Wells, Senate, 06/30/2025
  • Judy Zei, Campus Store, 06/30/2025

Last reviewed:
12/06/2022 - Annelise Doll, Library representative, replaced Nora Allred
11/28/2022 - committee membership added
06/17/2022 - page created, membership of committee TBD