Member Small Grant Application Program


IPEC MEMBERS are welcome to submit a grant application for projects which promote significant research in policy, ethics, and culture.

*See Additional Information below.

Small Research Grant


Awarded a) to conduct preliminary research that will lead to a larger grant proposal or IPEC related project; or b) to organize participants in a conference or symposium that will lead to a larger grant proposal or IPEC related project.

Matching Grant


Awarded to match grant support or multi-group support for IPEC related research or projects. Promised grants are only awarded if project is accepted.

Author Publishing Charge (APC) Grant


Awarded for publications of IPEC related research a) in reputable publications and b) if support was unavailable from a grant proposal or from department funds.

Additional Information:

Funding can take the form of a variety of expenses including travel and lodging.

Recipients will report within 1 calendar year on how their money leveraged either preparing a larger grant or the preparation of an IPEC related project or publication.

IPEC will set aside $20,000 for fiscal year 2022, with $10,000 of that money announced as available at the beginning of each term (September and January). The money will be allocated on a first come first served basis until it runs out. Proposals can be denied if they are not deemed appropriate for IPEC or are too expensive given the IPEC budget. Partial support can also be offered in the case of proposals where this seems appropriate


  • Each application will be reviewed on a rolling basis by 2 members of the exec board chosen by the director for related expertise.
  • Decisions will be made by the IPEC Director in collaboration with the member reviewers.
  • Proposals will be ranked on the following basis 1-5 (5 being the highest):
    • 1-5 Potential impact of the research or project
    • 1-5 Potential impact in promoting IPEC’s mission at Michigan Tech
    • 1-5 Potential to jump start further research and projects
  • Also taken into consideration:
    • Amount requested given available IPEC funds
    • Evidence of others in support of research or project
    • Possible IRAD return