Human Resources

Benefits Liaison Group

The Purpose

The Benefits Liaison Group is intended to contribute to shared governance by providing a sounding board for full discussion of issues, and who knows or comes to know and understand the fringe benefits offerings at Michigan Tech. It is an avenue to learn the issues and evaluate the possible options given the limited resources.

The Charge

To review and evaluate the current fringe benefit package which includes but may not be limited to retirement, health/dental/vision, and wellness.

To provide recommendations to the Associate Vice President for Administration on fringe benefit plans to attract and retain exceptional faculty and staff talent. The BLG will contribute in a collaborative manner that takes into account developing recommendations that will be cost effective given the University’s competing resources. The recommendations must include supporting information. The BLG is encouraged to benchmark with institutions that the University competes with for talented faculty and staff.  Also the BLG may consider developing surveys and creating focus groups, if appropriate.  The BLG should offer several options, with cost considerations for the employee/retiree/University.

To provide an update annually to the campus community.  The update should be widely publicized two (2) weeks prior to the event.  The update should include the introduction of the members, the charge, the activities of the past year, any recommendations, and other relevant events/activities.


Jane Berner, Retiree (Administration Representative)

Heather Guilbault, Manager of Benefits and Wellness (Human Resources Representative)

Jake Guter, Facilities Architect (Senate Elect)

Renee Hiller, Director of Human Resources (Human Resources Representative)

Robert Hutchinson, School of Business and Economics (Provost Representative)

Stephen Kampe, Department Chair, Materials Science and Engineering (Provost Representative)

Suzanne Morin, Controller (Vice President for Finance Representative)

Nicholas Stevens, Senior Budget Analyst (Vice President for Research Representative)

Sam Sweitz, Associate Professor, Social Sciences (Senate Elect)

Crystal Verran, Director of Operations, UMC (Staff Council Elect)