Chem Stores Online Ordering Form Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Requestor and secondary contact (if listed) are the only people who may sign for this package, and must be trained and authorized to be present in the lab stated on this form. Packages will only be delivered to the lab stated on this form.

Vendor: If you prefer a specific vendor type the vendor name here, if the vendor is on our current list it will appear or select from the drop down menu. If the vendor name is not listed see next section.

If Vendor is not listed above, enter name here: Type in the name of vendor if not on our list.

Justification for Certain Vendor: type in the reason you are selecting this vendor (lowest price, only vendor that sells product, etc.). If you have no vendor preference, type that in this field.

Requestor Name: Person placing this order (see note Important Note above).

Phone: Phone number of person requesting order. If using a cell number, it must accept text messages.

Cell Phone: Cell phone number for person requesting order. This number must accept text messages.

Email: Must be email.

Secondary Contact: The person authorized to sign for the package other than the Requestor (please see Important Note above).

Secondary Phone: Phone number for the secondary contact. If using a cell number, it must accept text messages.

Secondary contact email: Must be email.

Date Needed: Please choose a desired date for the receipt of your order. UCS personnel will keep you informed as to the status of your order and will make every effort to meet your requested date: Keep in mind UCS will try to combine several orders to the same company to help with any shipping costs. UCS will usually keep orders until the end of the business day before processing. Also see Rush Order.

Rush: Place an X in this box if you would like to place a rush order. Next Day, 2 Day and overnight deliveries may incur increased fees as determined by the vendor. All rush fees (including expedited shipping, packaging, and temperature stabilization fees) will be added to your bill.

Qty: (Quantity) how many of the units specified would you like to order?

Unit: each, case, pack, etc.

Catalog#: The vendor catalog number for the item you are ordering. Use the University Chemical Stores catalog number if using the UCS online catalog.

Description: Please describe the item as best as possible. Include such information as size, length, etc.

Unit cost: the cost stated by the vendor. If you have received a previous quote you will need to send the quote to chemical stores and reference this order number. UCS will make every effort to get you a better price than the one listed in the current vendor catalog or website.

Total Cost: This field will auto-populate based on the information entered into the form

NOTE: Additional line items may be added by clicking the plus sign found at the bottom left of the grey line item box

Account: Enter the account index you would like charged for this order. Please note - The requestor must have prior authorization on file with UCS to use that account number. The account custodian or appropriate department personnel must submit the authorization. by emailing

Department: Choose the department associated with the account number used above.

When your order arrives you would like:

Choose either:

Pickup (you will come to the University Chemical stores and pick up your order in person: only the requestor or secondary contact can sign for these orders).


Delivery: You would like UCS to deliver your package to the building and lab stated below.

After two attempts at delivery, you will be required to pick up the package at University Chemical Stores (B-013 Chemical Science and Engineering Building). Chemicals will not be delivered to offices or office personnel.

Building: Please select the appropriate building from the dropdown list.

Room Number: Chemicals must be delivered directly to the laboratory; please list the room number here: See requestor and secondary contact information.