We place orders through our vendors for chemicals, lab equipment, and scientific supplies on behalf of authorized faculty and students who are affiliated with any department at Michigan Tech. We also keep an inventory of chemicals and supplies available for purchase by members of the campus community.

Prior authorization is required for any student to make a purchase from Chem Stores. Authorization can be granted by department chairs, department coordinators, or account custodians.  To grant authorization, email chemstores@mtu.edu with the following information.

  • Name of person(s) to be authorized
  • Department
  • Length of the authorization period
  • Any account number(s) the person may use to purchase items

No chemical or supplies are sold to individuals not authorized or unaffiliated with Michigan Technological University.

Announcements and Promotions

We are closing for inventory from June 23 through June 29. Except for critical needs (such as liquid nitrogen), no transactions will be made during this time, and no items will be delivered to labs. Any submitted orders will be held for processing until June 30th. Please plan accordingly to receive your items prior to our closure. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


COVID-19 Supplies in Stock

ChemStores currently has the following COVID-19 supplies in stock. 

Item # Unit Description Cost
00148 EA Cloth face covering, pk/10 $5.00
00152 EA Disposable face mask, pk/50 $10.00
00154 EA Face mask, flame resistant $6.25
01410 32 oz Disinfectant, RTU $4.32
01420 1 gal Disinfectant, Concentrate $19.06
01428 PK/300 Wipe, sanitizing mix kit, refillable $14.11
01429 PK/300 Refill for sanitizing kit #01428 $5.74
01430 PK/160 Wipe, disinfectant, 6x7" $9.16

updated: 4/04/2022 


COVID-19 Policies for Chem Stores

Please fill out an order form for every purchase.  We'll contact you to schedule pickup or delivery of your items.  Although we are open during normal University hours, our service window is only open for pickup from 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.  You may know or call if you need to pick up items outside of this window.

Many supply chains are unreliable, and many products are on backorder.  Please take this into consideration and order in advance when possible. We encourage you to order non-chemicals and non-hazardous items directly from the vendors, so that we can better focus our efforts on handling chemical orders.

New Chemstores Website

The new University Chemical Stores began operation on July 1, 2018 and now reports to the Research Integrity Office. With the commissioning of the new facility, all chemicals and reagents for research and teaching must be purchased by, and delivered to, the University Chemical Stores.

Expanding the existing Chemical Stores, previously maintained by the Department of Chemistry, into the larger University Chemical Stores will increase safety, reduce the cost of managing chemicals and reagents, reduce disposal costs, and an provide a high level of customer service, including in-laboratory delivery.

Why order through the Chem Stores?

There are many reasons for ordering your supplies through us:

  1. As a bulk purchaser of chemical supplies with long-standing relationships with many of our suppliers, we are able to get prices that are lower than advertised.
  2. Your order turnaround time will be faster—from order to delivery to addition into MSDSonline, our on-campus inventory tracking system.
  3. We automatically log your purchases in MSDSonline. If the vendor makes an error in processing your order, we'll make sure your return is handled properly.
  4. We have professionals on hand to receive shipments and adhere to OSHA regulations, so you can have your chemicals shipped directly to us. We'll even handle the paperwork for you. What could be easier?

Our Vendors 

In addition to products we keep in stock, you can also request chemical orders from scientific suppliers. Browse the vendor's online catalogs to locate suitable products and their catalog #'s, then fill out our order form. Our preferred/most popular vendors are listed below, but a more complete list can be found within our order form. ChemStores does not order chemicals or other products from Amazon, E-bay, and similar e-commerce vendors (non-scientific suppliers), therefore other sources will need to be found.