Sashi P. Karna

Sashi P. Karna


  • Adjunct Professor, Physics
  • PhD, Banaras Hindu University

Research Description

Shashi P. Karna is a Senior Research Scientist-ST with the US Army Research Lab, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. His work involves theory, method development, and modeling of electronics, photonic, and nanoenergetic materials; theory and experimental studies of functional nanomaterials (organic nanostructures, carbon nanotubes, semiconductor quantum dots) and nano-bio interface for molecular nanoelectronics and sensors applications.


  • Physical Chemistry

Recent Publications

  • He H, Pandey R, Boustani I, Karna SP, "Metal–like Electrical Conductance In Boron Fullerenes", JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY 114: Art. No. 4149 FEB 10 2010 Read More
  • Zhong X, Pandey R, Rocha AR, Karna SP, "Can Single-Atom Change Affect Electron Transport Properties Of Molecular Nanostructures Such As C60 Fullerene?", JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 1: Art. No. 1584 APR 27 2010 Read More
  • Mukhopadhyay S, Gowtham S, Scheicher RH, Pandey R, Karna SP, "Theoretical Study Of Physisorption Of Nucleobases On Boron Nitride Nanotubes: A New Class Of Hybrid Nano–biomaterials", Nanotechnology 21: Art. No. 165703 FEB 10 2010 Read More
  • He H, Pandey R, Reveles JU, Khanna SN, Karna SP, "Highly Efficient (Cs8V) Superatom-Based Spin-Polarizer", APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 95: Art. No. 192104 OCT 11 2009 Read More
  • Mallick G, Karna SP, He H, Pandey R, "Length–Dependence Of Electron Transfer Coupling Matrix In Polyene Wires: Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Theory Study", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUANT 109: Art. No. 1302 SEP 8 2008 Read More
  • He H, Pandey R, Mallick G, Karna SP, "Asymmetric Currents In A Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Single Molecule: Revisit Of TheAviram-Ratner Diode", JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 113: Art. No. 1575 JAN 5 2009 Read More
  • Liu C, He H, Pandey R, Hussain S, Karna SP, "Interaction Of Metallic Nanoparticles With A Biologically Active Molecule, Dopamine", JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 112: Art. No. 15256 NOV 5 2008 Read More