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Open Source Printing Class

Making a Difference with Open Source Science Equipment

September 10, 2015
By Allison Mills

Science can be expensive. But making customized scientific equipment doesn’t have to be. Researchers at Michigan Technological University have compiled economic data on the effectiveness of open source hardware in the laboratory—and the process looks promising.

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Hydrogen Yun Hang Hu

Making Hydrogen Fuel from Water and Visible Light Highly Efficient

August 19, 2015
By Allison Mills

Mimicking photosynthesis is not easy. The bottleneck of artificial photosynthesis is visible light, since converting it into other energy is not efficient. Researchers at Michigan Technological University have found a way to solve this issue, leading to an efficient technique to produce hydrogen fuel.

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Fire Miller Tipping Bucket

Following the Fire: Preventing Floods and Erosion

August 13, 2015
By Allison Mills

Michigan Tech researchers fight fires long after the flames go out. Post-fire remediation work, the focus of Mary Ellen Miller's research, helps prevent landslides and flooding.

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Deploying the buoy to monitor water conditions in the Straits of Mackinac.

Enbridge Engages Michigan Tech to Monitor Straits of Mackinac

August 12, 2015
By Jennifer Donovan

Enbridge Energy Partners is sponsoring the Great Lakes Research Center's new data-transmitting buoy to monitor the Straits of Mackinac.

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Nitrate Test Kit

Making a Better Nitrate Test Kit

August 5, 2015
By Allison Mills

This little black box could change how we study one of the world's biggest water quality issues. Our Michigan Tech team joined up with the Nitrate Elimination Company to create this this new nitrate test kit. 

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Digital Switches Structure

Better Together: Graphene-Nanotube Hybrid Switches

July 31, 2015
By Allison Mills

A combination of two unlikely materials, graphene and boron nitride nanotubes, could lead to faster computing and electronic devices.

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Volcano Landslides

Connecting People and Geology on Volcanoes

July 30, 2015
By Allison Mills

Recent graduate Luke Bowman brings people and geology together on the dangerous slopes of volcanoes.

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Speaker Award

Carbon Nanotube Speakers Play Music With Heat

July 24, 2015
By Allison Mills

Two Michigan Tech graduate students are tweaking the sound on some hot speakers--and they won an award for their work on carbon nanotube speakers, which make sound using heat.

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Senior Design Team members Kyle Myszka and Annie LeSage present their team's winning poster at the 2015 Design Expo.

Swapping Copper for Aluminum: Senior Design Study Could Help Automakers Lighten the Load

July 17, 2015
By Marcia Goodrich

Materials Science and Engineering Students' Corrosion Experiments Earn Top Honors in Design Expo.

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Metamaterials Durdu Guney

Bringing Back the Magic in Metamaterials

July 16, 2015
By Allison Mills

Durdu Guney and his engineering team have found a solution to a major challenge in creating a "perfect lens." Their optical research delves into the light-bending world of metamaterials.

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