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Wolves at Isle Royale National Park

What Should Be Done About the Disappearing Wolves of Isle Royale?

March 15, 2012
By Jennifer Donovan

What should be done if the wolves of Isle Royale National Park go extinct. Michigan Tech's wolf-moose researchers explore the alternatives.

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When Tang's research team knocked out a certain piece of small RNA, it caused Arabidopsis to grow shapelessly compared to a control plant, left. Guiliang Tang photo

Turning off Small RNA: Michigan Tech Scientist Designs a New Tool for Breaking the Epigenetic Code

February 28, 2012
By Marcia Goodrich

A single  strand of small RNA can play a big role.

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David Reed, Vice President for Research

Michigan Tech Falsely Accused of Accepting Anti-Climate Change Research Funding

February 24, 2012
By Jennifer Donovan

Michigan Tech and faculty member deny claim that they were offered or accepted research funding from a controversial anti-climate change organization.

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John Lyons near a microseismicity station located below Antisana volcano, in Ecuador. Cara Shonsey photo

Exploring Eruptions: Research on Volcanoes Could One Day Help Save Lives

February 14, 2012
By Dana Yates

Using seismic data to possibly predict eruptions

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An Aspen FACE plot before it was harvested in 2009.

Trees Find the Nitrogen They Need, Even in a Super-Size CO2 World

February 9, 2012
By Marcia Goodrich

How? They root around for it.

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Freight and passenger trains are becoming increasingly important modes of transportation.

Michigan Tech Tapped for National Rail Research, Education Center

February 3, 2012
By Jennifer Donovan

Michigan Tech and six other research universities receive nation's first University Transportation Center federal funding to focus on rail transportation research and education.

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Superlens Metamaterial

Almost Perfect: Michigan Tech Researcher Nears Creation of Superlens

January 6, 2012
By Marcia Goodrich

Durdu Guney's theoretical model of a unique magnifying metamaterial overcomes the limitations light and would let you see objects as small as viruses.

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Solar Panels

Affordable Solar: It's Closer Than You Think

November 30, 2011
By Marcia Goodrich

Prices are plummeting, and past studies overestimated solar's true cost

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Michigan Tech researchers are using carbon foam to develop greener, ultra-long-life batteries.

Carbon Foam: The Key Ingredient of a Better Battery?

November 17, 2011
By Marcia Goodrich

A novel design twist on an asymmetric capacitor

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cResearch by Assistant Professor Aleksey Smirnov and colleagues from University of Rochester indicates that  the earth's inner core is much older than we thought.

How Old is the Earth’s Inner Core? Tech Researcher Weighs in with New Evidence

November 11, 2011
By Dennis Walikainen

Geophysicist Aleksey Smirnov says the Earth's inner core might be a lot older than we thought.

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