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Social Sciences Professor Collaborates on

Scholar Coauthors Book on Mining Company, Marquette Iron Range

June 10, 2011
By John Gagnon

Social Sciences Professor Terry Reynolds publishes a scholarly book on the history of Cleveland-Cliffs, Marquette iron range.

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Hunters are not the only ones responsible for wildlife conservation.

Environmental Scientists Call North American Model of Wildlife Conservation Flawed

June 9, 2011
By Jennifer Donovan

Michigan Tech and Michigan State scientists publish a critique of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

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A fibrin-coated wire in a well plate, covered with pink cell culture medium.

A Stent Event: Michigan Tech Students Mimic Blood Flow in the Lab

May 24, 2011
By Marcia Goodrich

Discovering new ways to test what happens to stents inside arteries

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Graduate student Chee Huei Lee holds the nanotech filter, which can separate oil and water.

Nanotech Filter Separates Oil and Water

April 12, 2011
By Marcia Goodrich

Oil-loving nanotubes usher the oil through, keep the water out

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Seth Donahue's work on bear parathyroid hormone could lead to a new treatment for osteoporosis.

Do Bears Hold Key to Treating Osteoporosis? Michigan Tech Scientist Aims to Find Out

April 5, 2011
By Marcia Goodrich

Bear bones say strong, despite hibernating for months. The reason? Perhaps their hormones.

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TThe large, lighter colored wolf in the center is the immigrant from Canada dubbed The Old Gray Guy. The wolf to the left is his daughter and mate, who died during 2010. Photo by John Vucetich

Poop Reveals an Immigrant in Isle Royale Wolves' Gene Pool

March 30, 2011
By Jennifer Donovan

An immigrant male wolf came to Isle Royale from Canada in 1997 and made his mark on the gene pool of wolves there.

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An aerial view of the marshes of southern Iraq.

Michigan Tech Graduate Student Wins a Spot in International Satellite Imaging Competition

March 14, 2011
By Jennifer Donovan

Graduate student Sinan Abood has been invited to participate in a worldwide 8-band satellite imaging competition. He will analyze the salinity of marshlands in southern Iraq.

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Scott Kuhl’s lab offers visitors an often uncomfortable brush with virtual reality. Image courtesy of World Viz.

High Anxiety: Virtual Reality in a Michigan Tech Lab

March 4, 2011
By Marcia Goodrich

Designing illusions that mimic real dangers

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Chemical engineering grad student Brett Spigarelli and the CO2 scrubber he helped to design.

Michigan Tech Students Build a CO2 Scrubber

March 1, 2011
By Marcia Goodrich

Process captures carbon and makes a construction material.

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Jason Carter attaches sensors in his lab.

NIH Sleep Deprivation Study Examines Gender Differences

February 23, 2011
By Dennis Walikainen

Sleep deprivation is common, and it can cause or exacerbate serious health problems. Jason Carter is studying sleep deprivation's links to high blood pressure and differences in the effects of sleep deprivation in men and women.

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