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David House

Philanthropic Support for Michigan Tech Continues Strong

October 8, 2009
By Jennifer Donovan

Philanthropic support for Michigan Tech continues strong, with several recent gifts including one to endow a new House Professorship and another bringing varsity women's soccer to the University.

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Michigan Promise and Competitive Scholarships under the Budget Knife

September 25, 2009
By Dennis Walikainen

As part of the ongoing budget strife in Michigan, the Michigan Promise and Competitive Scholarships were cut Wednesday and restored Thursday. The debate will be ongoing until the budget is voted on next Tuesday, September 29. If these programs are eliminated, it will reduce approximately $3 million in funding for more than 1,800 Michigan Tech students.

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Russell A. Gronevelt

Michigan Tech Sets Budget and Tuition

July 16, 2009
By Jennifer Donovan

At its regular meeting in Houghton today, Michigan Technological University’s Board of Control approved a general fund operating budget of nearly $155 million for fiscal year 2010, which began July 1. The budget included new tuition and room and board rates.

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Tweaking the Strategic Plan

July 1, 2009
By Jennifer Donovan

The University's updated Strategic Plan, due to be considered for approval by the Board of Control at its July meeting, features a number of revisions.

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