Current Students Resources

Our current graduate students will find answers to many of their questions gathered below. If you don't see the answers you need, please see our staff listing below to find the right person to assist you. We want to help you succeed!

Are you an admitted student who has not yet arrived on campus? Our admitted students page is dedicated to your needs. Once you have arrived on campus and have begun your studies, our current students page will become the resource for you.

How much will my education cost and how can I fund it?

Cost of Education
Find the current rates for tuition and fees.

External Funding
Learn about external funding opportunities by deadline and research area.

Find local jobs in the community or on campus.

Financial Aid Office
Find loans, University scholarships, and/or employment opportunities.

Graduate School Honors and Awards
Learn about honors and awards for graduate students, including Finishing Fellowships and DeVlieg Foundation Fellowships.

Read information on the several types of assistantships Michigan Tech offers to support students during their education.

Tax Information
Learn about important tax information for resident and nonresident graduate students. On campus, the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program is available to assist students in completing tax forms. There are also additional resources available online, such as Sprintax, to assist International students in completing their tax returns at a minimal cost.

How do I complete my degree and what are the rules?

Forms and Deadlines
Find forms for students and programs.

Degree Completion Timeline
Find a list of items needed to complete a degree and when to complete them.

Find a personalized checklist of items needed to complete a degree on the Current Students tab.

Find out how to remove the most common holds on accounts.

Deadlines Calendar
Check this calendar to find deadlines for fellowship competitions or student deadlines for forms.

Degree Requirements
Find current degree requirements for graduate students.

Policies and Procedures
Find current policies and procedures for graduate students.

Course Schedule | Course Descriptions
Search for courses offered in a given semester, and read descriptions of them.

Graduate Program Directors
Find a listing of current graduate programs, graduate program directors, and graduate program assistants.

Graduate Faculty Locator
Search by graduate program to find faculty who can serve as advisors for graduate students.

How do I complete a dissertation, thesis, or report?

Theses and Dissertations | Reports
Read the current policies and procedures for the preparation and submission of these documents.

Forms and Deadlines
Find forms for students and programs, along with deadlines for document submission.

Frequently Asked Questions
Check out answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Online Seminars
Watch a seminar from the Graduate School to learn about the submission process, Adobe Acrobat, Word, and more.

Communications Assistance Program
Find extensive help from a professional editor.

Multiliteracies Center
Get help on campus with a coach in the center.

How can I get involved in graduate school?

Graduate School Professional Development Series
Learn about upcoming seminars, and find handouts and videos for past seminars.

Succeed at Tech
Get involved with professional opportunities and mentoring.

Graduate Student Government
Discover how the GSG serves all graduate students by seeking to enrich their professional and personal development through events, advocacy, and service.

Graduate Student Life
Get involved, stay informed, find support, and explore the community.

Join HuskyLink
Connect to Michigan Tech's online community.

Michigan AGEP Alliance
Find mentorship opportunities, workshops, and more.

How can I get help?

Graduate School Staff Listing
Learn how Graduate School staff can assist students.

Husky Food Access Network
Hungry? Husky FAN has the resources to help, including an on-campus food pantry.

Medical Withdrawal
Learn how graduate students with medical issues can apply for a leave of absence.

Counseling Services
Connect with private and confidential counseling for academic or personal concerns.

Betty Chavis Emergency Fund
Support fund for Master's students (US citizens) experiencing financial emergency.

Tip Line
File an anonymous report about unusual behavior or alarming events on campus.

Communications Assistance Program
Find assistance with writing or presentations.

Multiliteracies Center
Learn about on-campus support for communication.

University Ombuds
Find support for informal conflict-mediation services.

Graduate School Grievance Policy
Learn about our policy for formal conflict resolution when informal resolution is unsuccessful.

Student Health Services
Learn about the Houghton Community Health Center, a partner with UPHS-Portage, located at the Student Development Complex (SDC).

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Nancy Byers-Sprague

Nancy Byers Sprague

Director of Graduate Degree Services

Administration Building 407B

Nancy can help you with:

  • Forms relating to degree pursuit and degree completion
  • Commencement
  • Reports
  • Probation and suspension
  • Late drops
Debra Charlesworth

Debra D. Charlesworth

Assistant Dean

Administration Building 407A

Deb can help you with:

  • Theses and dissertations
  • Withdrawals or parental accommodation
  • Grievances
  • Graduate school honors and awards
Heather Suokas

Heather Suokas

Finance Coordinator & Office Manager

Administration Building 411

Heather can help you with:

  • Funding questions related to students receiving assistantships or fellowships
Harriet King - GS-CAP coordinator

Harriet King

Coordinator, Communications Assistance Program

More information about GS-CAP

Harriet can help you with:

  • Writing - revise, edit, and proof documents
  • Public Speaking - feedback to prepare for presentations
  • Formatting - training and assistance particularly for theses and dissertations
Carol Wingerson

Carol Wingerson

Senior Staff Assistant

Administration Building 408

Carol can help you with:

  • Certification of non-Michigan Tech Bachelor's or Master's degrees