Current Students Resources

Our current graduate students will find answers to many of their questions gathered below. If you don't see the answers you need, please see our staff listing below to find the right person to assist you. We want to help you succeed!

Are you an admitted student who has not yet arrived on campus? Our admitted students page is dedicated to your needs. Once you have arrived on campus and have begun your studies, our current students page will become the resource for you.

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Nancy Byers-Sprague portrait

Nancy Byers Sprague

Director of Graduate Degree Services

Administration Building 407B

Nancy can help you with:

  • Forms relating to degree pursuit and degree completion
  • Commencement
  • Reports
  • Probation and suspension
  • Late drops
Debra Charlesworth portrait

Debra D. Charlesworth

Assistant Dean

Administration Building 407A

Deb can help you with:

  • Theses and dissertations
  • Withdrawals or parental accommodation
  • Grievances
  • Graduate school honors and awards
Heather Suokas portrait

Heather Suokas

Finance Coordinator & Office Manager

Administration Building 411

Heather can help you with:

  • Funding questions related to students receiving assistantships or fellowships
Harriet King portrait

Harriet King

Coordinator, Communications Assistance Program

More information about GS-CAP

Harriet can help you with:

  • Writing - revise, edit, and proof documents
  • Public Speaking - feedback to prepare for presentations
  • Formatting - training and assistance particularly for theses and dissertations
Carol Wingerson portrait

Carol Wingerson

Senior Staff Assistant

Administration Building 408

Carol can help you with:

  • Certification of non-Michigan Tech Bachelor's or Master's degrees