Graduate School

Communications Assistance Program

The Graduate School Communications Assistance Program (GS-CAP) provides written and oral/aural communication support to graduate students, faculty, and staff. Services available include, but are not limited to, writing assistance, presentation preparation, and formatting assistance. GS-CAP is particularly suited to assist individuals on a intensive or time-sensitive basis.

Services Available through GS-CAP

Services are provided through scheduled individual tutoring sessions or group workshops.  For more information on what assistance is available contact the Graduate School.

Individual Tutoring

A variety of support services can be provided through individual tutoring sessions.  Some common areas of assistance include:

  • Writing Assistance:  receive collaborative support to revise, edit, and proof your documents.  This includes class papers, journal articles, theses, and dissertations.  Additional help will be provided for paraphrasing, summarizing, and citing sources.
  • Public Speaking:  receive feedback and improve your public speaking skills as you prepare for class, an oral exam, or conference presentations.
  • Formatting assistance:  receive training and assistance on formatting documents, especially theses and dissertations, using MS Office, Open Office, or Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Group Workshops

By arrangement, group workshops will be offered to enhance writing and oral/aural communication skills.  If you would like to recommend or schedule a workshop to be offered you can send your recommendations to the Graduate School.  Some possible topics for workshops include:

  • Writing Assistance:  grammar review, organizing your writing, source citation/plagiarism awareness, paraphrasing and summarizing skills, technical writing
  • Public Speaking:  presentation skills, use of technology in presentations
  • Formatting assistance:  hands-on or lecture training on formatting documents using MS Office, Open Office, or Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Cost of Services

Costs are billed at $30/hour on MyMichiganTech.  Contact the  Graduate School for  a current list of available providers. Additional providers at negotiable rates may also be available.

Workshop costs will vary and may be dependent on the number of attendees.

Additional Services on Campus

  • International Graduate Student Communication and Cultural Center (IGSC3): Open to any international graduate student, and free of charge, the IGSC3 focuses on improving oral communication skills, presentation strategies, orientation to campus and the community,  and cultural exchange through individual and through small group activities.
  • Michigan Tech Multiliteracies Center (MTMC): Open to any student, and free of charge, the MTMC provides walk-in and appointment based assistance with written, oral, and visual communication - including help tailored for graduate students.
  • Research Development: In addition to the Proposal Incentive Award, assistance is available to students applying for funding from external sources, such as the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. More information on external funding is found on our web site.