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Wisdom sets bounds even to knowledge. —Friedrich Nietzsche

Rhetoric, Theory and Culture—MS, PhD

Fast Facts

  • Excellent placement rate
  • The newly remodeled Humanities Digital Media Zone (HDMZ) offers state of the art educational technology to faculty, graduate students and undergraduates.
  • The Humanities Department is home to a nationally recognized scholarly journal, Women and Language, and a nationally acclaimed literary magazine, Pank.
  • Michigan Tech’s Humanities Department holds three Programs of Excellence Awards from the National Council of Teachers of English.
  • Our Writing Center has received an $89,000 award through the Kimberly-Clark Foundation to renovate and to celebrate the center as a place of university and community diversity.

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Graduate Programs in Rhetoric, Theory and Culture

The MS and PhD degrees in Rhetoric, Theory and Culture are based on innovative, broad-based, interdisciplinary programs that draw students into study across a range of fields, focusing on the complex interactions among rhetoric and communication within their social and cultural contexts. Special attention is given to the changing role of technology, communication, and representation in contemporary societies.

The department is one of six in the country chosen by the National Council of Teachers of English and the Council of Graduate Schools to be part of the Preparing Future Faculty Initiative. The initiative works to develop innovative approaches for the preparation of graduate students to meet the demand of ever-changing academic environment.

Degree Requirements in the Rhetoric, Theory and Culture program.

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