Graduate School

Rhetoric Theory Culture—MS, PhD

What you'll work on

You’ll engage in creative and critical interdisciplinary research that considers the connections between technology, communication, and globalization. Whether your interest is rhetoric, cultural studies, technical communication, or media studies, you’ll gain a rich understanding of the ways in which communicative practices are embedded in cultural contexts with political, material, and social dimensions.

Sample Areas of Interest

  • Communication
  • Composition
  • Cultural Theory
  • Literacy

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Who you'll work with

Our faculty represent a variety of critical and theoretical standpoints within the humanities, including composition, cultural studies, film studies, linguistics, literature, media and visual studies, philosophy, rhetoric, and technical communication.

Faculty Spotlight

Marika Seigel

Marika Seigel

Associate Professor

"Theory matters most when we can apply it to make a positive difference in people’s lives."

Seigel researches the rhetoric of health and medicine, particularly pertaining to pregnancy and women’s healthcare. She is specifically interested in how political and cultural contexts shape this type of communication, and in strategies for women’s health communication more user centered.

Where you'll work

The possibilities are limitless. RTC students have focused their research on improving technical document usability and access for older adults. They’ve critiqued the ambiguous role of comedians as public intellectuals in media representations of scientific controversies, while others have analyzed the impact of public policy on citizens’ participation in the public sphere. Wherever your passion lies, we’ll help you carve your niche.


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