Biomedical Engineering—MS, PhD

Fast Facts

  • Laboratory facilities available to isolate and culture nerve, vascular, and musculoskeletal cells.
  • Departmental microscopy facilities include equipment for quantitative digital 2-D and 3-D fluorescence and light microscopy.
  • Internationally recognized research projects funded by agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

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Graduate Programs in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering advances knowledge and develops new devices at the interface of engineering, biology, and medicine. It improves human health through cross-disciplinary activities that integrate the engineering sciences with the biomedical sciences and clinical practice. The integration of biology with engineering is of increasing importance in all engineering disciplines.

Our program emphasizes research and education in tissue regeneration and engineering, biomaterials, physiological measurement, biosensors and medical optics. Our PhD graduates are prepared to succeed in academia, industry, and government positions. Our MS graduates are prepared to enter into doctoral programs or obtain advanced positions in industry and government. Our unique Accelerated Master's Program allows our current undergraduate students to earn a MS degree with just a single year of study beyond the BS.

Graduate students can work with major analytical facilities throughout campus, including electron microscopy, surface analysis instrumentation, nanoindenters, X-ray analysis, and rheometry instrumentation. Collaboration with staff at Portage Health, Marquette General Hospital, and the Upper Peninsula Health Education Corporation allows our students to explore the rural health-care applications of biomedical engineering.

Faculty and students collaborate with industrial and clinical partners. In addition, some are developing small businesses with the novel technologies developed through their research.

Learn more about the Biomedical Engineering programs.