Graduate School

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology—PhD

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Fast Facts

  • Research Areas include: Plant Comparative and Functional Genomics, Tree Biotechnology, Gene Silencing and MicroRNAs, Human Diseases including Diabetes and Cancer, Protein Aggregation Diseases and Protein Misfolding, Plant Phosphoinositides and Phytases, Glycomics and Glycoproteomics, Phytoremdiation, Plant Microbe Interactions, Mushroom Poison Resistance and Butterfly Wing Patterns, Histones and Bromodomains, Algal Extracellular Polymers, Conservation, Ecological and Population Genetics of Trees
  • Graduate students in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Forestry publish their research work in peer reviewed scientific journals and present their work in national and international conferences
  • Research is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, US Department of Energy, Michigan Research Excellence Fund, US Department of Agriculture, and National Institutes of Health

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Graduate Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

There is a national and international need for more researchers to address problems in the areas of human health, disease treatment, and a sustainable environment at the molecular level.  Michigan Tech's PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology stresses the interdisciplinary nature of this research.

The PhD program requires a series of three core courses to ensure that students have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of biochemistry and molecular biology, including the principles underlying biochemical structure, biochemical dynamics, molecular biology, genomics, and biotechnology.

Michigan Tech has a long and rich history of research in the exciting field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Recent conceptual and technological advancements have widened the scope of what is possible to study in these fields. Currently faculty in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences are engaged in biomedical research, plant genomics, and other health-related biochemistry and molecular biology studies.

Learn more about the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program.