Tuition Support

This form of support for graduate students generally includes support for tuition and generally has no work requirement. You can see the students who were awarded this kind of support on our Awards Blog by searching for the specific award.

Graduate School Recruitment

Two recent one time recruitment awards have been available from the Graduate School to bring high quality graduate students to our programs for the coming academic year. 

  • The Graduate Recruitment Tuition Award aims to attract bright and talented students to Michigan Tech and provide them an extra incentive to choose our graduate programs over others they are considering.
  • The Graduate School Academic Excellence Award (GAEA) , a recent collaboration between the Graduate School and Financial Aid motivates our top Michigan Tech undergraduate students to pursue an accelerated master’s degree.

National Service Scholarship

The Graduate School will offer National Service Graduate Fellowships to students who have previously provided service to the United States of America through military service or the AmeriCorps and returned Peace Corps volunteers. Eligible graduate students will receive a fellowship that will reduce their tuition rate.

Peace Corps Masters International Tuition Rate 

Although the Peace Corps Master's International Program will not continue, Michigan Tech has 51 students currently finishing their master's or volunteer work. All admitted PCMI students were given “Peace Corps Status,” qualifying them for a reduced tuition rate of 33%. While overseas with the Peace Corps, these students are still enrolled as a full-time at Michigan Tech at no cost to the student.

Graduate School GOAL Program Fund

The Graduate Orientation and Applied Language (GOAL) Program is a 6-week summer residential experience to help new international graduate students succeed at Michigan Tech. The intensive English instruction and introduction to the local area can allow students to engage in coursework and research more quickly in their first semester.