International Applicants

Michigan Tech is a premier technological university of international stature. Our alumni have successfully demonstrated that they have the skills and experiences necessary to address the needs of a complex and rapidly changing world. Because our graduates truly do create the future and change the world, Michigan Tech enrolls a large number of international graduate students who want to make a difference.

Programs & Costs

In addition to many great programs, the Michigan Tech Graduate School has one tuition rate—international students do not pay an “out-of-state” or international rate. Academic year tuition and fees are provided on our Cost of Education website.

Program Restrictions

  • In most cases, international students residing overseas are not eligible for our online programs.
    • Please refer to our authorization page for a list of countries where we can offer online education.
  • International students cannot pursue a graduate certificate on campus unless they are also pursuing a graduate degree.
  • Unless otherwise authorized through participation in a negotiated agreement, international students are not eligible for non-degree seeking status.
    • However, F2 dependents may apply to take classes as non-degree seeking students.

How to Apply

Our application process is completely electronic (and free!). See our How to Apply page for the basic information. International applicants should complete our online International Graduate Application.

Deadlines and Forms

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines vary by program.  The Graduate School encourages international students to apply at least a semester in advance of their projected admission to allow adequate time for student visa interviews.

Additional Application Forms

All students should apply by following the steps outlined above. In some cases, International students will need to submit additional forms:

Information for Current International Students

International students currently enrolled at Michigan Tech who wish to switch programs or degree levels must:

This applies to current undergraduates who are admitted to a graduate program, or graduate students who change degree programs or transition from a master's to PhD (or PhD to master's).

English Proficiency

International applicants must also provide proof of English proficiency. We accept both TOEFL and IELTS test results.

If you hold citizenship from and/or attended post-secondary school in a country where the primary language is English, you may request a waiver by e-mailing the Graduate School.

Receiving Immigration Documents

An I-20 or a DS-2019 will be authorized by Michigan Tech once:

  • you are accepted to a degree program
  • we have your proof of funding documents
  • we have received a copy of your passport

We encourage students to complete and upload their Certification of Finances Form and official supporting documents when completing their application, but it is not required.

Expedited Shipping

We partner with eShipGlobal to send immigration documents to students upon request. To request express shipping,

  1. create an account with eShip Global
  2. request your shipment by choosing the "Receive" option with your account
  3. provide your Michigan Tech ID (M-number), mailing address, email address, phone number, and credit-card information
  4. select Graduate School as the recipient of the mailing labels

Special Situations:

Provisional Admission

Academically eligible students who do not meet the English language proficiency requirements for their intended graduate program may be granted provisional admission in order to successfully complete training in our English as a Second Language program (ESL). Not all graduate programs offer provisional admission.

Master's Path for Three-year Bachelor's

Michigan Tech offers a Master's Path for graduates of international three-year bachelor's degree programs. This program allows students to pursue a master’s degree directly, rather than requiring they first complete a bachelor’s program at a US institution. Simply indicate you have a 3-year bachelor's when you apply - it is that easy.

Students in the Master’s Path Program may be required to take additional credits ("bridge courses"). The transcript of each accepted student is reviewed by the graduate program, which delineates the specific course requirements needed for completion of the master’s degree. The Master's Path course planning form can be used to assist with in degree planning.

Options for Spouses & Dependents

F2 dependents of F1 degree-seeking students may enroll in courses as a non-degree seeking student. For more information on F2 / M2 dependents, please see the Department of Homeland Security page on Dependents. Once on campus, please contact the Graduate School for assistance in registering your dependent(s) in classes.